Betrayed Brooks Now Keen To Testify In Entrance Of Jan. 6 Panel

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Betrayed Brooks Now Keen To Testify In Entrance Of Jan. 6 Panel
Betrayed Brooks Now Keen To Testify In Entrance Of Jan. 6 Panel

A lot of issues occurred. This is some stuff. That is TPM’s morning observe.

It is time to get well

A day after dropping his bid for the Alabama Senate, Rep. Moe Brooks (R-A.), nonetheless licking his wounds at Trump’s disdain for his endorsement, advised CNN on Wednesday that he’s now open to testify earlier than the January 6 Home committee. , which he had introduced his recall final month.

  • Brooks mentioned he has a “primary requirement”, however: That his testimony be public so that folks perceive the entire thing, not simply the “little bits cut off.”
  • Committee Chairman Benny Thompson (D-MS) advised CNN that the committee had “re-summoned” Brooks, which had not but been introduced to the Republican congressman as a result of he was campaigning (RIP).
  • brooks announce Earlier on Wednesday he was retiring from politics – and he shot Trump. In keeping with Brooks, the previous president was the “biggest loser” within the Alabama Republican Senate main runoff as a result of he isn’t a “man of his word,” “has no loyalty” and can take no motion until he “strengthens his or his wallet.” self-importance.”

FBI seizes Nevada Republican president’s phone in fake election investigation

The FBI executed a search warrant on Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael MacDonald and confiscated his phone Wednesday as part of the federal investigation into Trump’s voter fraud scheme, according to local news outlet 8 News Now.

  • House Committee January 6 McDonald’s recalled in January.
  • The FBI also issued a search warrant for Nevada Republican Secretary James DeGravenried (One of the signatories of the bogus papers for Trump’s fictitious voters), but agents were reportedly unable to find him.

Justice Department ramps up fake voter probe with more subpoenas

The Justice Department has begun issuing subpoenas to people who agreed to participate in Trump’s fictitious voter plot, according to the Washington Post and New York Times.

  • Persons reported to have been summoned:
    • Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Schaeffer, who served as one of the fake voters
    • A Georgia lawyer named Brad Carver was a fake voter
    • Thomas Lane, a Trump campaign official who has worked in Arizona and New Mexico
    • Sean Flynn, Trump campaign official in Michigan

January 6, fifth round

The January 6 House Committee is holding its fifth hearing today at 3:00 p.m. ET.

  • What it focuses on: Trump’s efforts to arm the Department of Justice to give cover to his false account of election fraud with bogus investigations and to steal the election itself with Jeffrey Clark’s scheme. This is the session that was postponed last week.
  • Who do we hear from:
    • Former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen
    • Former Acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue
    • Stephen Engel, Former Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel
  • This is the last hearing this month, According to committee chair Benny Thompson (D-MS). The next conference will take place sometime in July, a date to be determined.

Top January 6 team detective leaves early

Former federal prosecutor John F. Wood, one of the top investigators for the House January 6 committee, confirmed Wednesday that he will be leaving the committee at the end of the week, sooner than expected. The departure comes as Wood faces calls to come home to Missouri to run for the US Senate as an independent as someone who puts “state over get together” by serving on the Jan. 6 committee (Wood has long worked with Republican and conservative judges, including Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas).

Uvald Schools Police Chief put on leave

The Ovaldi, Texas, school principal announced Wednesday that Pete Arredondo, the chief of police for the beleaguered Uvalde Schools, has been placed on administrative leave amid investigations into his astonishingly poor response to the mass shooting.

Who Stopped The Bad Guy With A Gun?

This analysis by The New York Times left a huge hole in the arms lobby’s (appropriately profitable) argument that the only way for a mass ceasefire was for the “good guys” to have their very own weapons:

And that is what occurred in the course of the taking pictures at Uvalde Elementary Faculty when there was already a very good man with a gun:

Dr.. Oz quietly wipes Trump from his marketing campaign

Specializing in the final election, Pennsylvania Republican Senator Dr. Mehmet Oz has been quietly portray Trump’s marketing campaign path recently, Axios notes.

  • The Oz web site and social media platforms, which had all beforehand boasted of endorsing the previous president, have Trump rescinded: Banners bragging in regards to the endorsement are gone, the candidate hasn’t tweeted in regards to the former president because the Could 17 primaries, and his Twitter bio now not boasts that he is the “candidate with Trump’s endorsement” — and maybe (maybe the largest sting), Oz hasn’t posted on faux Twitter Trump in any respect since successful the primaries.

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