Fabricated assertion from Donald Trump spreads on-line amid Jan. 6 hearings

Home Latest Posts Fabricated assertion from Donald Trump spreads on-line amid Jan. 6 hearings
Fabricated assertion from Donald Trump spreads on-line amid Jan. 6 hearings
Fabricated assertion from Donald Trump spreads on-line amid Jan. 6 hearings

Prosecution: Picture exhibiting the June 14 assertion from Donald Trump on the January 6 hearings

Amid the Home Choose Committee hearings investigating the January 6, 2021 assault on the US Capitol, some on-line have claimed that former President Donald Trump issued a press release in regards to the hearings on his birthday.

A Fb submit on June 14 allegedly exhibits a press release with the Trump model’s “Save America” ​​Masthead. Trump supposedly mentioned within the assertion that he eliminated notes in the bathroom on January 6 that individuals “peacefully stormed the Capitol” on January 6, 2021, and requested his supporters to donate.

“I got a little spit in the back of my throat when I read this!” Learn the reason of the submit.

One other Fb submit shared on June 14 with the alleged assertion features a remark that claims, “I really thought this was fake at first.” Comparable posts went viral on Fb and Twitter.

However the image of the alleged assertion has modified. USA TODAY discovered no proof of the assertion on any of Trump’s social media accounts or private web site.

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USA TODAY has reached out to social media customers who shared the declare for remark.

The assertion is apocryphal

The alleged assertion is faux, Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington advised USA TODAY in an e mail.

“He’s also trolling Twitter with a lie I posted and deleted the tweet,” Harrington mentioned. I now not use Twitter to submit President Trump’s actual statements.”

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USA TODAY has not found the purported statement on Trump’s personal website, the Truth Social account, or in any credible news reports. The archived copies of his website also show no sign of the statement.

The only statement Trump posted on June 14 on his personal website was an endorsement of Abraham Hamadeh as Arizona’s attorney general. Nowhere in this statement does it use language from the apocryphal statement or mention the January 6 sessions.

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Based on our research, we evaluated an edited image purporting to show a statement Trump issued on June 14 about the January 6 hearings. His spokesman said the statement posted on Facebook was fabricated. It was not posted on Trump’s personal website or account on the Truth Social.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: News Verification: Fabricated statement from Donald Trump spreads online

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