Outdated pal blames UN, Belgium for killing of Congolese hero Lumumba

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Outdated pal blames UN, Belgium for killing of Congolese hero Lumumba
Outdated pal blames UN, Belgium for killing of Congolese hero Lumumba

Belgium and the United Nations are in charge for not stopping the assassination of Congolese independence hero Patrice Lumumba, an 89-year-old ex-boyfriend of AFP.

Subsequent week, Jean Mayani will attend a tribute to Lumumba, whose stays – a tooth one – have lastly been returned to Belgium within the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The meyani has problem listening to, his fingers tremble, and he wants a stick or a serving to hand to maneuver, however he speaks clearly and with perception.

On occasion, he briefly loses his chain of ideas, however then collects himself and separates historic occasions.

In Might 1960, the MNC fielded him and Lumumba as candidates for the northeastern area of Stanleyville, now known as Kisangani, in municipal and parliamentary elections respectively. They each gained.

On June 30 of the identical yr, the nation grew to become impartial and Lumumba was appointed prime minister.

Mayani briefly changed Lumumba within the Nationwide Meeting.

However by September 12, the anti-colonial image was overthrown.

He and two of his shut supporters, Maurice Mbulu and Joseph Okito, have been executed by separatists from the southern Katanga area and Belgian mercenaries, on January 17 of the next yr.

“All the nationalists had to be annihilated,” Al-Mayani recollects bitterly.

He mentioned the UN did nothing to forestall his pal’s homicide.

“Before the Belgian mercenaries arrived in the Congo, the Blue Helmets were here,” he mentioned, referring to the United Nations peacekeeping forces deployed to the African nation in July 1960, after independence.

“Why didn’t the Secretary-General of the United Nations stop these mercenaries from landing?

“He just sat next door doing nothing. He knew that the mercenaries would destabilize the Congo. He was complicit in the Belgian position and that of the United States, which was aware through the CIA of the mission of these mercenaries in the Congo.”

– They broke my teeth –

Mayani said he believed the Belgians had decided to get rid of Lumumba since early 1960 during a meeting in the Belgian capital, Brussels.

He said Lumumba was not afraid to repeat his call for his country’s “immediate independence” to the Belgians.

Al-Mayani said they were surprised and outraged by his steadfastness and “decided to eliminate him.”

He said that Belgium then “did everything to prevent the Congolese nationalists from gaining access to state power, under the indifferent gaze of the United Nations”.

Mayani said this campaign continued even after Lumumba’s murder.

In a low voice, he described how in 1961 he was “arrested for harboring two central government ministers who had eloped with Lumumba”.

“During the torture, they broke twelve of my teeth,” he mentioned, and eliminated a row of eight false enamel from his higher jaw. He mentioned he was carrying one other denture on his decrease jaw to interchange the opposite 4 enamel he had misplaced.

The next yr, Mayani was arrested once more and held in Makala Jail in Kinshasa till 1964, when former Katanga separatist chief and then-Prime Minister Moise Tshombe introduced amnesty.

El Mayani mentioned his pal’s political legacy at this time – all that the image of independence stands for – has been misplaced.

Right now, he mentioned, nobody can “win elections without corruption”.

“People in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have chosen that graft be elected is essential,” he added.

“In our time, corruption was completely out of the question.”

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