Southport girl begins wildlife rescue to rehabilitate animals

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Southport girl begins wildlife rescue to rehabilitate animals
Southport girl begins wildlife rescue to rehabilitate animals

Southport, NC (WWAY) – One girl in Brunswick County works to look after all of God’s creatures, one opossum at a time.

Anna Bolduc is a licensed wildlife rehabilitation specialist and runs Bolduc’s Wildlife Rescue in Southport the place she treats injured and orphaned wildlife. She has been licensed to look after small mammals equivalent to opossums, squirrels, cottontail rabbits, rats and mice. Bolduc began about two years in the past and hopes to develop and get a fawn allow quickly, too.


Anna Bolduc poop feeding a child possum at Bolduc’s Wildlife Rescue (Picture: Sydney Bouchelle/WWAY)

Now, with the assistance of her husband and kids, she is at present rehabilitating lots of opossums. Bolduc says she’ll get calls if somebody finds an injured animal or finds an animal hit by a automobile and discovers their pocket is filled with kids.

She additionally takes care of Bennett, an opossum who developed metabolic bone illness after he was fed a high-protein eating regimen that did not give him the calcium he wanted.

“Their bodies will be affected, but they absorb calcium from their bones, their bones become brittle and hard and they end up paralyzed,” Boldock stated. “With little Bennett, he was caught soon enough. So, he is on the right diet and should be fully recovered in the next couple of months.”


Bennett, an opossum recovering from metabolic bone illness at Bolduc’s Wildlife Rescue (Picture: Sydney Bouchelle/WWAY)

Bolduc says MBD could be brought on by well-meaning people who find themselves attempting to eat an opossum however aren’t conscious of their want for a well-balanced eating regimen of calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin D. It’s required to correctly look after one. To not point out that it’s unlawful to personal them as pets in North Carolina.

The little furry critters are extra than simply cute. Opossum crops may help do away with different pests.

“If you don’t like crickets, or venomous snakes, or ticks, or even spiders, you should love an opossum because it cleans that a lot for you,” stated Boldock.

Bolduc’s Wildlife Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit group that depends on donations and group help to maintain working. The animal lover balances life as a full-time mom of two and a full-time wildlife preparer, caring for the animals and instructing their kids the significance of exhibiting respect for every creature alongside the way in which.

“We are Christians and we believe that God has made us responsible for animals and given us sovereignty over them and it is our responsibility to look after them,” Bolduc stated. “That is the main reason we did it and we love them too. They all just deserve a chance.”

For extra details about Bolduc’s Wildlife Rescue, go to their Fb web page.

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